Our Story: A Journey of Homemade Connections

In the vibrant city of Dubai, where dreams and aspirations converge, as a second-generation expat, we understand the pulse of millions who come here seeking a better life, building their careers, and making this city their home. The story resonates with countless expats who caught up in the hustle, find solace in the idea of home-cooked meals, a taste of familiarity amid the challenges of a fast-paced life.

Observing the daily grind and hearing the lunch struggles of hardworking individuals, we discovered a shared craving – the desire for homely, healthy, and delicious food. The reality is that many, immersed in work pressure, end up sacrificing their well-being, resorting to unhealthy eating habits. Recognizing this gap, I envisioned a solution that goes beyond merely providing meals; it's about nourishing the body and soul with homemade lunches, or as I like to call it, "Hunch."

Uncover the heartwarming journey that gave birth to Hunch—a place where your lunch becomes a cherished, homemade memory. Explore our chefs' stories and discover the warmth that flavors every dish.

Bringing the Wealth of Wellness Back to You

At Hunch, we are dedicated to fostering overall wellness for working adults. Our mission is to align with your health goals and provide comprehensive support through personalized nutrition plans. By partnering with experienced nutritionists, we ensure that you receive regular, private consultations tailored to your specific needs. Our program focuses on improving your diet and nutritional habits, ultimately enhancing your overall health and well-being. At Hunch, we believe in bringing back positivity and vitality to your life through thoughtful, individualized care.